Installing Sophos Antivirus for Mac 9

Tip: In you already have SAV 8 installed on your Mac the process below still applies.  Upgrade, install – it’s all the same.

So why this post?  I was hunting around for the process of installing/updating to SAV 9 and I couldn’t find it.  The Sophos webpage for documents on the free Mac Home Edition lists a ‘Technical Guide’ for SAV 7 (dated 2010), an ‘Installation Guide’ which looks like it’s for SAV 8, and an ‘FAQ’ which doesn’t mention the steps.  I think it’s useful to check the process before attempting it so you know what’s involved.

Installation really is a breeze – no sign in, no form filling, just straight to the download – which is 117.4MB in size.  Once the file is downloaded just open Finder and go to your Downloads folder (or wherever your saved it) and double-click the file.  The custom installer immediately opens (no mounting like in SAV 8).  I say ‘custom installer’ as the program is not a self-contained app that can be dragged to your Applications folder – you must run the installer.  The key installation screens are shown below.





…which you must agree to…




It really is simple.

Something went wrong

‘But wait!’ I hear your cry.  What if it doesn’t install and there are problems?  Check the very bottom of the install.log file through Console (search for ‘console’ in Spotlight) for errors and post them to the Sophos FreeTalk forum for help.  Below is an example of what to look for in the install.log – from the bottom scroll up until you see the line Installing he (that’s home edition).


Tip: Restart your Mac and have another go – it’s quick, easy and flushes out many problems.  You should also close any other applications that may be interfering with the install if there is was a problem on the first go.

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