Creating a custom scan with Sophos AV for Mac

Tip: If you don’t already have Sophos Antivirus for Mac 9 upgrade/download it now.

Previously I ran a scan and found a ‘threat’ (some kind of virus, trojan, malware – whatever you call it, it’s not good)…


So I thought I’d create a custom scan and set the scanner to remove whatever is being detected.

Tip: To create a custom scan you should click on the Sophos shield (in the menu bar), select ‘Open Scans’, expand the ‘Custom Scans’ panel and then click on the plus (+) button.

I created a scan called full and in the ‘Scan Settings’…


…I set the folders I wanted to scan to the whole hard drive (‘/’)…


On the ‘Options’ tab I set what the program should do when it finds something to ‘Clean up threat’…


…and click ‘Done’.

In the list of custom scans I now have full listed so I click ‘Scan Now’ to start it.  Because I chose to scan the whole drive the program will have to look in all folders and hence I was prompted to ‘Authenticate and Scan all’ – if I don’t authenticate then the scanner may be prevented for going everywhere it needs to and cleaning up all the malware…


I typed in the same password used to unlock panels in system applications and away the scan went.  Job done.

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